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The 2018 Sundance Film Festival kicked off for me at the Firelight Media party at the Kickstarter Lodge, with a fired-up crowd anticipating the Women
This year's Full Frame Tribute honoree, Jehane Noujaim, is no stranger to the 21-year-old Full Frame Documentary Film Festival , having brought both
The Center for Media at Risk is the brainchild of Barbie Zelizer, Ph.D, professor of communication at the Annenberg School for Communication at
Student interest in college courses focusing on documentary media has never been higher. Why? Certainly, "documenting" their lives via Instagram and
Ashley O'Shay, a recent graduate of Northwestern University, found a compelling subject in her own backyard for her first feature-length documentary
The line that traditionally separated documentary filmmakers from journalists increasingly is becoming blurred, if not erased. As the disciplines
March 1, 2018 (Los Angeles, CA) - Today, the International Documentary Association and National Endowment for the Arts, in partnership with the
Journalists and documentary filmmakers often follow parallel paths when stalking their similar prey. They interview witnesses, build stories around
In 2010, a charismatic, Minnesota-based Iraq War veteran named David Crowley began work on his debut film project, a paranoid action film about a
Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival (DX), now in its third year, puts a spotlight on journalistic documentaries. The newbie DC festival is a