36th Annual IDA Documentary Awards Honorees

Career Achievement Award

Sam Pollard

Amicus Award

Regina K. Scully

Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award

Garrett Bradley

Courage Under Fire Award

For their incredible bravery in telling the story of LGBT+ activists, the Courage Under Fire Award will be given to Welcome To Chechnya filmmaker David France and his team as well as the activists featured in the film: David Isteev (Crisis Response Coordinator, The Russian LGBT Network) and Olga Baranova (Director, Moscow Community Center for LGBT+ Initiatives), and all those who work with them.

Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award acknowledges those individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to advancing the nonfiction form and providing exceptional vision and leadership to the documentary community.

Firelight Media

Truth to Power Award

The Truth to Power Award recognizes an individual or institution that has shown conspicuous fortitude, tenacity and resoluteness in holding those in power to account.

Filipino-American journalist Maria Ressa co-founded the Philippines-based online news network Rappler that has relentlessly held the powerful to account despite unyielding pressure and threats of imprisonment. As depicted in Ramona S. Diaz’s A Thousand Cuts, Ressa and the Rappler’s journalists work illustrates the fundamental importance of a free press.