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Creative Recognition Awards Announced for 28th IDA Awards

By IDA Editorial Staff

The IDA has decided upon this year’s recipients of the Creative Recognition Awards for cinematography, editing, writing, and music. The winners were decided by the Creative Recognition Awards Committee, which is made up from the co-chairs of the Features Screening Committees. At this year’s IDA Awards ceremony, Best Cinematography will go to Women With Cows, Best Editing to Room 237, and Best Music to Searching for Sugar Man. The Best Writing Award goes to Ann Richards’ Texas.

Best Cinematography recipient Women With Cows, which is also nominated for the Best Feature Award at this year’s IDA Documentary Awards, was directed and shot by Peter Gerdehag. The film focuses on 79-year-old Britt Georgsson, who has devoted her entire life to cows. Her sister Ingrid, one year her junior, cannot stand the cows. Even so, she generally helps her sister to look after the bovine family inheritance. Respected Swedish photographer and documentarist Peter Gerdehag observes both sisters over a period of time, not only during their frequent spats, but also in moments of mutual accord.

For Best Editing, the Creative Recognition Awards Committee decided on Rodney Ascher’s Room 237, a documentary that explores the many theories behind Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and its hidden meanings. The film guides us through the many attempts to decode this endlessly fascinating film. With interviews from foreign and domestic ABC News correspondent Bill Blakemore, Albion College Professor of History Geoffrey Cocks, playwright Juli Kearns, author and hermetic scholar Jay Weidner, and KDK12 editor John Fell Ryan, Room 237 creates a new maze of sorts with endless detours and dead ends.

The Best Music honor will be bestowed upon Malik Bendjelloul’s Searching for Sugar Man, which details the efforts of two fans who wish discover if the rumored death of American musician Rodriquez was true, and, if not, to discover what had become of him. The soundtrack is comprised of a compilation containing materials from Rodriguez’s two albums, and original composition by Bendjelloul.

Lastly, the Creative Recognition Awards Committee decided on Keith Patterson’s Ann Richards’ Texas, which is also a part of IDA’s fiscal sponsorship program.

Ann Richards’ Texas is a timely documentary about the life and lessons of the late great Governor, Ann Richards. A feisty straight-talking West Texas girl, Ann Richards was a hippie housewife who traded late nights with Willie Nelson and the progressive Austin music scene for a beehive hair-do, the Governor's Mansion, and battles with special interests.

For more on all of the Creative Recognition Award recipients and nominees, download the full press release.