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IDA Launches Kickstarter Partner Page

By Lisa Hasko

Recently, the IDA has partnered with several crowdfunding organizations to bring the projects in our fiscal sponsorship program onto one curated page. This week, we launched the IDA's curated page on Kickstarter, giving our projects yet another way to fundraise. Kickstarter offers our sponsored projects the opportunity to utilize the power of a dynamic crowdfunding platform while offering a valuable tax deduction to donors.

Since 1998, the IDA's fiscal sponsorship program has helped hundreds of documentaries get funded and finished. Last year our filmmakers raised over $5M to get their documentaries made and seen. Get in touch with IDA's Filmmaker Services Manager Lisa Hasko via email at or call her at 213.232.1660 x210 to learn more about fiscal sponsorship and how to become a featured project on our curated partner page.

For more information on crowdfunding, check out our Comprehensive Crowdfunding Tool Kit