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IDA Throws End-of-Summer Mixer

I have no voice. Not in the "I can't find my voice, I don't have a message" type of way. But after Wednesday night's conversations and mixing and general good times with fellow IDA members and supporters, I've lost my voice. Gone.

My work colleagues thank you, IDA.

The successful and just-ended three-week run for DocuWeeks didn't keep filmmakers and other doc pros from coming out again to swank East 3rd Street for more mixing and meeting as IDA's August Mixer ("Smoky So.Cal  Nights" edition) was in full swing.

Spotted early on were IDA Exec. Dir. Michael Lumpkin, getting things started...Board member Steven Reich, freshly returned from a months-long writing gig in Maine, holding court and doing a fine job, judging from those assembled around him...fellow Board member Pi Ware, across a sea of people near the couches...and Board member Adam Chapnick--are you following him on Twitter, too?--looking in full effect.   

A highlight was introducing some of the producers behind the current documentary hit, The Cove. Larry David Eudene and Charles Hambleton spoke briefly to those in attendance about their self-described, real-life eco-thriller that is in theaters now; the challenges docs face in the marketplace; and the perils of using the word "documentary."  While the last point can be debated, the producers' passion for the project and documentaries in general was clear, and they received a warm reception, mixing with fellow filmmakers well into the night afterwards. 

IDA Board member Moises Velez (right) introduces The Cove producers Charles Hambleton (left) and Larry David Eudene to the attendees at the IDA August Mixer. Photo (here and above): Juan Eduardo Ruvalcaba

These monthly events are always a great discovery. Among so many others, I met John Woehrle (Pride of Lions), who was talking about the exciting developments with his film about Sierra Leone (an IDA fiscal sponsorship project). 

In attendance and enjoying the night were Debra and Bradley Carr of the film Feat.  

New member and DC transplant Seana Carroll was quizzing me at the bar about my favorite football team. She produced a new doc about the Washington Redskins marching band. Great title: The Band Never Loses a Game. Even though I, with little measurable skills, never joined my school band, Seana assured me I must be good at something. That all remains to be seen.

IDA's Maria Arzola had things going smoothly, as always. She makes it look so easy.

Another fine IDA mixer in Downtown Los Angeles! We hope to get even more of you to come out when you can.