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Michael Moore to Offer Next Doc For Free

By Tom White

In a presidential election year like this one, you know Michael Moore must be up to something, and sure enough, he's going to be releasing his latest documentary, Slacker Uprising--for free online, beginning September 23 for a three-week period. Although music artists like Neil Young, Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have bypassed the middleman and gone directly to their fans with a pay-what-you-can option for their latest work, Moore's film marks the first time in the Web 2.0 era that a filmmaker has followed such a model.

Slacker Uprising, which follows Moore's nationwide get-out-the-vote tour in 2004-the year of the doc-buster Fahrenheit 911-will be available at and offered through BlipTV. Brave New Films, Robert Greenwald's venture, will helpdistribute the film. The DVD will be available October 7. The film was funded by Moore himself and Harvey and Bob Weinstein.

For more information, go to Michael Moore's website, or The Huffington Post.