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TikTok #MicroDocChallenge on #Democracy

By IDA Admin

TikTok #MicroDocChallenge What is Democracy?

What does Democracy mean to you?

Join our TikTok #MicroDocChallenge to express your views on #Democracy. What is a #MicroDoc? We want you to experiment… be free! You can do interviews, use TikTok backgrounds, and archival footage, focus on a specific matter, or keep it artsy, inspired by your favorite documentaries.

We invite TikTok users to make micro docs about what Democracy means to them between February 14 and March 15, 2024.

The challenge is now extended until April 15, 2024!

At the end of the experiment, we will select 20 TikTok videos to receive USD $250 as a cash prize!

Our goals with this experiment are:

  • To encourage an international conversation about Democracy (in all its good and bad elements) during this important 2024 election cycle,
  • To explore and support experiments with documentary form on TikTok,
  • To identify and award powerful work that can open our minds.


  1. Post a TikTok between February 14 and March 15, 2024 April 15, 2024, to join the challenge.
  2. Make sure your TikTok posts include the hashtags #MicroDocChallenge and #Democracy to be considered.
  3. Tag the handle of IDA @docorg or a partner organization in your caption.
  4. IDA and partners will choose up to 20 winners, each to receive USD $250 cash prize.
  5. Winners will be announced the last week of March on all partner TikTok accounts.

Highlights from TikTok 

@j.segera What are y’all’s opinions on democracy from a young generation stand point?! Make an interesting and creative video discussing democracy and get a chance to win 250USD if you make it to the top 20 list) visit @mydocubox for more information on the challenge! #MicrodocChallenge #democracy @IDAorg @The East African Film Fund🎬 ♬ original sound - J.Segera on IG

@sharandhaliwal__ Rishi Sunak has questioned our democratic beliefs - but is the UK a democratic government? Make your own TikTok on democracy (or lack of it) & get a chance to win USD $250. To join the challenge, tag your video with #MicroDocChallenge #Democracy ♬ original sound - Sharan Dhaliwal

@docsmx Para ti… ¿qué es la democracia? Participa en el TikTok #MicroDocChallenge, un experimento documental creado por DocsMX y aliados con el objetivo de abrir la conversación en torno a la democracia. Para participar, sigue los siguientes pasos: 1. Comparte tu visión sobre la democracia en un video corto de máximo tres minutos. 2. Súbelo a tu cuenta TikTok, acompañándolo con el hashtag #MicroDocChallenge. 3. No olvides seguir a @docsmx y etiquetarnos en el posteo. Puedes hacer entrevistas, utilizar fondos de TikTok, material de archivo, centrarte en un tema específico o inspirarte en tus documentales favoritos. ¡Descubre tu lado artístico y creativo para contar tu historia sobre la democracia! IMPORTANTE: -Podrás participar hasta el 15 de marzo de 2024. -Con ayuda de nuestros aliados, elegiremos a 20 ganadores que obtendrán $250 USD. -Anunciaremos a las personas ganadoras durante la última semana de marzo, en las redes de DocsMX y las de nuestros aliados. ¡Acepta el reto! 🙌 _ #cineentikok #challenge #fyp #documental #reto #democracia #democracy #voto #ine #méxico ♬ Knowledge - Vin Music

@alexisdenisew I think American “democracy” is disappointing at best. Make your own video on democracy, tagging #MicroDocChallenge #Democracy, for a chance to win $250 from @IDAorg ♬ original sound - Alexis Williams


#MicroDocChallenge is born from a collaboration of IDA, Docs MX in Mexico, Docubox in Kenya, Doc Society in the UK, and In-Docs in Indonesia.

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