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WATCH: 'Inequality for All' Filmmakers Prove Economic Theory Doesn't Have to Be Boring

By KJ Relth

In what is sure to be remembered as this decade's An Inconvenient Truth, Jacob Kornbluth's documentary feature debut Inequality for All tackles the increasingly unbalanced distribution of wealth among America's workers. Developed from the concepts of leading political economist and former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich, the film uses Reich's wealth and poverty course at UC Berkeley as the through line by which the history of income inequality is simplified, explained, and exposed.

Inequality for All screened on Thursday, September 26 in Los Angeles to kick off the IDA Documentary Screening Series. IndieWire Editor-in-Chief Dana Harris sat down with Kornbluth and Reich after the screening to discuss maintaining that light tone, their goals for the project, and how they got everyday people to talk about their vulnerable financial situation.


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