February 29, 2008

Notes from the Reel World: The President's Column, January-February 2008

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Dear IDA Community:

The Holiday Season is upon us, brimming with excitement and festivity! No other time during the year brings people together quite like the Holidays. And while celebrations are diverse, the season gives us a chance to come together and share, whatever our beliefs or cultural traditions.

IDA is no exception! Each December, we culminate the year with our annual IDA Awards Gala Benefit, which doubles this year as a festive finale to our year-long 25th Anniversary Celebration! The IDA Board of Directors, staff and the many committees of friends and supporters have been finalizing their lists for months in preparation for this special occasion. A stellar lineup of filmmakers from around the world, representing the boundless creativity and excellence of our community, will brighten our evening at the DGA Theatre in Hollywood on December 7. Bravo to all! 

As for me, I have a wish list for IDA. 

I write this column from Montréal, having just served on a panel on the Documentary Market during Doc Circuit Montréal, as well as a panel on the Recognition, Outreach and Funding for Documentary (see www.ridm.qc.ca for more information.).

This past October, under the auspices of Doc IT (Italian Documentaries Association), past IDA President Michael Donaldson and I participated in a meeting in Rome with Documentary Filmmakers of Europe to discuss at length a "European Best Practice on Fair Use in Documentaries." A "Resolution on Freedom of Expression and Information in Documentaries," agreed upon by all participating parties, is currently being drafted and will shortly be published.

No matter where my international journey takes me, documentary filmmakers and their counterparts all have a common dream: to have the ability, funding, support, recognition and freedom to tell their stories and to reach their audience.

IDA, on this memorable occasion, I wish you:

To reach your golden years in being a bridge for documentarians' dreams to come true!

To continue your support in strengthening the infrastructure of the nonfiction filmmaking community around the world via the newly re-designed IDA viral portal and to emerge as the No. 1 destination for all things documentary on the Web.

To carry on in your leadership role as an advocate for our rights as filmmakers and for the health and strength of our democracy!

To be imaginative and bold in moving forward and to be an inspiration to us all.

As for you, my dear friends, I wish you to continue being a vital member of our community for years to come. Neither IDA nor the community can survive without you.

Join us in our celebrations in Los Angeles, or follow highlights of our event at www.documentary.org.


With my warmest wishes for a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season!

diane estelle Vicari
IDA President