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AFS x IDA: Master Class with Director Robert Greene

AFS Screening Room, 1901 E 51st St, Austin TX 78723

In this three hour masterclass presented by AFS's partner, the International Documentary Association, Greene (who is also the Filmmaker In Chief at the University of Missouri's Murray Center for Documentary Journalism), will discuss documentary storytelling, filmmaking ethics, creating and working with "hybrid" non-fiction narratives and how his narrative editing work has informed this.                                                  

Robert Greene (KATE PLAYS CHRISTINE, ACTRESS) has established himself as a leading voice in hybrid documentary storytelling, particularly non-fiction that is focused on performance. His latest film, KATE PLAYS CHRISTINE, follows the journey of an actress, Kate Lyn Sheil, tasked with performing Christine Chubbock, a deceased Florida newscaster who committed suicide on air in the 1970s. By documenting Sheil's journey in the creation of a character for a narrative film that only exists within a non-fiction film, Greene raises questions about on-screen representation in a wholly refreshing format.