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Sound Design Master Class with James LeBrecht

IDA Offices, 3470 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 980, Los Angeles CA 90010

Join us for an instructive Master Class with expert Sound Designer James Lebrecht. James has over 35+ years of experience in sound design and is the founder of Berkeley Sound Artists, an audio house that specializes in post production audio for documentaries. James and his team  have created the sound design for a multitude of award winning documentary films including 2017 Sundance prize winning films The Force and Unrest, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, and the Academy Award nominated Extremis and 4.1 Miles. In the class James will discuss what sound design really means for documentary and when/how to engage a sound designer about your project to achieve the best possible results from this collaborative relationship. In addition, James will also be showing before and after clips from his own work to demonstrate the ways sound design can enhance storytelling in documentary. 

Before the class, don't miss LeBrecht's new article in Documentary magazine, a how-to guide for filmmakers navigating the post-production audio process.

Topics covered will include:

  • Using audio to define the tone of your film.

  • Post production sound terminology.

  • Ways to think about audio coverage during production.

  • Expectations, time, budget, and deliverables.

The Master Class will include a generous amount of time for Q&A. 

This class is ideal for

  • Experienced director/producers working on docs who want to expand their toolkit of storytelling devices.

  • Film students and recent film school graduates who want to supplement their education with hands-on expert advice.

  • Doc makers of all types looking to achieve strong sound design for their films.