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Filmmaker Jacqueline Olive

About the Project

Jacqueline Olive is an independent filmmaker and digital media producer with artist grants from International Documentary Association, Sundance Institute, Independent Television Service, Firelight Media, Chicken & Egg Pictures, Catapult Film Fund, Southern Documentary Fund, and more. After receiving a master's degree from the University of Florida Documentary Institute in 2007, she worked on the production team of the Emmy Award-winning PBS documentary series, Independent Lens, and the internationally-themed PBS WORLD series, Global Voices, for three seasons. Jacqueline also co-directed and produced the award-winning documentary, Black to Our Roots, which broadcast on PBS WORLD.


Always in Season

When 17-year-old Lennon Lacy is found hanging from a swing set in rural North Carolina in 2014, his mother’s search for justice and reconciliation begins while the trauma of more than a century of lynching African Americans bleeds into the present.