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Humor in Documentaries February 2007

Docs, like life itself, can be funny. In this issue, we present the lighter side of nonfiction.

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  • You Too Can Make a Hit Doc! With the Mix 'n' Match Instant Documentary Maker

    How would you like to make a critically acclaimed...
  • Stand-ups, Sitcoms and Satirists: 'Make 'em Laugh' to Chronicle a Century of Comedy

    The ever staid and stoic Michael Kaplan, producer...
  • Reality Can Be Funnier Than Fiction: A Look at Humor in Documentaries

    Morgan Spurlock, from his 2004 film Super Size Me...
  • Confessions of a Documentary Whore: Another Film on 'Filthy' Waters

    On 'This Filthy World,' a performance documentary...
  • F Is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing--Where the Truth Lies: When Reality Ain't

    F Is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's...
  • In My Own Defense: How Documentary Filmmaking Drove Me Insane, Part One

    The making of 'The Girl Next Door'
  • The Five Obstructions--Revisited

    By Tom White and Eddie Schmidt In the 2004 film...