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IDA Announces Special Member Benefits with Getty Images

By Jina Chung

Years in the making, IDA is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Getty Images and new benefits for IDA members from this new venture! With over 300 million editorial and creative photos and over 11 million video clips, in addition to a full selection of music tracks and sound effects, Getty Images is the most comprehensive multimedia database available online and a valuable resource for filmmakers and artists around the world. With Getty Images celebrating its 25th anniversary, we are thrilled for IDA members to make use of their new benefits, including:

  • A 15% minimum discount on all applicable photos and video clips

  • Complimentary online research assistance

  • Access to high-res and non-watermarked easy-access comp stock materials. These images and videos for are usable for work-in-progress projects’ test or private pitch purposes. 

  • A direct point-of-contact who can assist with research and easy-access high-res comp images requests, negotiating licensing fees, compiling licensing paperwork, access to the non-digitized library, other Getty Images products, and any questions related to third-party clearances.

As production in the field has halted, filmmakers are increasingly looking towards online resources and archival materials in developing new projects during downtime. If you aren't an IDA member yet, this is the perfect time to join the IDA family and enjoy these new benefits.

Below, you will find detailed explanations on how to redeem these benefits, as well as how to get in touch with Getty Images’ IDA Member liaison, Darlene Gilbertie.

Darlene Gilbertie, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships for Media and Entertainment has been at Getty Images for over 3 years and is considered a production industry expert. Along with her experience at Getty images, she has worked within the entertainment industry for over 10 years. Here are some frequently asked questions to see if you’re ready to get in touch with Getty Images.

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I’m an IDA member. How do I access this benefit?

If you're already a member (all levels except for Associate) and would like to utilize these new benefits, please email with the subject line “Getty Images Member Benefit Inquiry.” 

If you are an Associate-level member, please upgrade your membership to gain access to these benefits.

Once our membership liaison confirms your membership, we will connect you with Darlene at Getty Images. 

What should I prepare when reaching out to Darlene? How do I know when I’m ready to reach out to Getty Images? 

Filmmakers and content creators usually come to us at three different stages:

  1. Content creators are trying to determine how much content exists for a particular subject. We need to effectively conduct an initial search. A very comprehensive list of subjects, people, dates, etc.. The more information we have the better. To open a research request we will need the following info: company name, contact name, email and phone number.

  2. Content creators have a list of assets they would like potentially use and need access to hi res materials and a quote to license the content. In this case we need a list of the asset ID numbers (which are found online), the type of rights needed (e,g, all media, festival, digital only, etc.), the distribution territory (e.g. worldwide, North America only, US only, etc.) and the duration (e.g. one month, two years, in perpetuity, etc.). A sense of the general budget is also very helpful. These criteria combined help us provide an effective licensing solution quickly and easily.

  3. Content creators are ready to license the material. When the cut is locked, we need a list of the asset IDs used in the final piece and as well as the billing information: company name, contact name, email, phone number and method of payment.

What are comp stock materials? How long may I utilize them for? What are the limits and restrictions?

Comp materials are hi-res, unwatermarked, master files. These are final elements we typically provide after a license is purchased. We have found that filmmakers often lack access to these stock materials during the stage they need them the most: development and funding. Available to IDA members, comp images and videos are usable for work-in-progress projects’ test or private pitch purposes. You may use comps as long as you need. You will never be charged for the use of comp files in testing or private pitches regardless of how long you use them. Once your project finds distribution or you intend to exhibit the project online or at a festival, we ask that you secure a license to ensure that our contributors are compensated for the use of their work in your project.

What are some of the collections or types of media Getty offers that IDA members might not be as familiar with?

It’s often overlooked that Getty Images also represents a significant amount of footage and video – from ABC News, to Archive Films, to BBC Motion Gallery, to ITN, to March of Time, to Sherman Grinberg, to our newest footage partner, MTV B-Roll. For a complete list of our footage and video collections, please click here.

What are some of Getty Images' assets that are most popular with documentary filmmakers and audio storytellers?

We are the largest privately-owned archive in the world and work with some many talented documentarians creating content on a vast number of subjects, so it’s hard to pinpoint a few assets, but the most popular collections include the LIFE Picture Collection, Paris Match, Conde Nast, and the Bettmann Archive. IDA members can see and search through a full list of stills collections right on our website.

Are there any limits and restrictions for the collection for me as an IDA member?

IDA members are subject to the same overarching restrictions that apply to all our clients. There are some collections which require additional approvals, or cannot be provided as clean comp files or which have license duration limitations. These restrictions are clearly defined on our website and we are always happy to answer specific questions. If an IDA member selects any piece of content which could be problematic in their final project, we will make this information known, present solutions and offer alternative assets.