Pare Lorentz Documentary Fund Grantee

The Fourth Kingdom

Adán Aliaga, Àlex Lora
Isa Feliu. Miguel Molina, Carmen Vidal (Associate Producer)
Grant Year(s):

8 am. Brooklyn. Carts wait outside the doors of a redemption center. People come to lay their treasure, plastic bottles, and cans. It is our Fourth Kingdom, a special realm where everything becomes possible.

René is fixing some structures. Eugene takes care of the compost and the plot where tomatoes soon will flourish. He collects the eggs from the chickens to make lunch. They share the table with Walter, Pier, and Ana and they talk about politics, immigration and the future of the Kingdom. René seems worried.

Today, some actors are visiting to perform their interpretation of a Shakespeare´s play. The audience observes the surrealistic show happening in front of piles of cans and plastic bottles. When the play finishes, slowly, the calm comes back.

Outside, the wind blows among the twinkling of bottles. René is ready to go to sleep, but something keeps him awake. The future of the organization is uncertain. Some builders are putting pressure on the owner of the site. They need to raise 3 million dollars to cover the cost of the place. 3 million, 5 cents per can, they need to get 60 million cans. They have a lot of work to do.