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  • Kim A. Snyder, Director
  • Maria Cuomo Cole, Producer
  • Kim A. Snyder, Producer


About the Project

Newtown explores the aftermath of one of the deadliest mass shootings in America’s history that took the lives of 20 elementary school children and 6 educators on 12/14/12.  Over the course of the following three years, the filmmakers use their exceptional access to document interconnected fates within Newtown and beyond, depicting a traumatized community fractured by grief, bonded in otherness, and driven toward a sense of purpose.

Newtown is a portrait of a grieving town that has joined the ranks of the club to which no one wants to belong.  

An odyssey back and forth through the timeframe of trauma, a series of eye-witness testimonials thread seamlessly throughout the film bearing witness to the narrative of trauma that day.

Through the lens of this horrific historic event we begin to understand, experientially, the far-reaching fallout of community trauma, and in turn, the capacity for collective compassion and resilience.