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About the Screening


A recent New York Times article raised serious allegations about the film Sabaya. It is not our role to adjudicate those allegations. Nevertheless, as an organization, we need to determine a responsible path forward for IDA’s engagement with the film.

In the days following the publication of the article, our team has engaged in due diligence through a process of communicating with the filmmakers and key stakeholders. Due to potential safety risks involved for some people portrayed in the film, we have chosen to remove the film from our 2021 Screening Series. Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided not to amplify the film at this time.

In addition to the immediate concern of safety for at-risk individuals, we recognize that questions of informed consent, on both legal and ethical levels, are of vital importance to our documentary community. We last convened on this topic at Getting Real ‘20. The lack of shared standards in our field around these issues, particularly in conflict-driven situations, merits an ongoing nuanced discussion.

IDA will host a panel to explore the broader issue of informed consent on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 10am PT. RSVP to the event here

Director(s): Hogir Hirori
Distributor: MTV Documentary Films
Producer(s): Antonio Russo Merenda, Hogir Hirori