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The Territory


About the Screening

The Indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau people have seen their population dwindle and their culture threatened since coming into contact with non-Native Brazilians. Though promised dominion over their own rainforest territory, they have faced illegal incursions from environmentally destructive logging and mining, and, most recently, land-grabbing invasions spurred on by right-wing politicians like President Jair Bolsonaro. With deforestation escalating as a result, the stakes have become global.

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The Q&A features director Alex Pritz, and producer Gabriel Uchida, moderated by Claudia Puig.

Closed Captioning is available for the film and the Q&A. ASL is available for the Q&A only.

Alex Pritz is a documentary film director and cinematographer focused on human’s relationship with the natural world. Pritz’s directorial debut, THE TERRITORY, premiered in the World Cinema competition at Sundance 2022, winning both an Audience Award and Special Jury Award for Documentary Craft, making it the only film at that year’s festival to win awards from audience and jury alike.



Gabriel Uchida is a Brazilian journalist and visual artist with over a decade of experience working on global stories. His work has been published in over 30 countries, and Uchida has had solo exhibitions of his photography in Sao Paulo, Addis Ababa, and Berlin. In 2016, he decided to move to the Amazon and focus his work on environmental and Indigenous issues.

Director(s): Alex Pritz
Producer(s): Darren Aronofsky, Gabriel Uchida, Sigrid Dyekjær, Lizzie Gillett, Will N. Miller