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June 7, 2016

Doc U: A Conversation with Brett Morgen

On this evening, we explore the uniquely imaginative world of filmmaker Brett Morgen, the man the New York Times coined the ‘mad scientist’ of documentary film. With a body of work as varied as it is original, Brett is a visual stylist and sound virtuoso without peer. Utilizing a broad palette of animation, archival footage and original material, Brett is a relentless innovator and experimenter, constantly pushing the documentary form out of its comfort zone. IDA award-winner for Best Feature Documentary for the Oscar®-nominated On the Ropes, Brett works from the inside out to present his subjects in the most fully realized and emotionally rich way possible. Joining Brett is Sundance Film Festival Director of Programming Trevor Groth. Together they delve into a dazzling body of work and show clips from such master works as Crossfire Hurricane, June 17th, 1994, Chicago 10, The Kid Stays in the Picture, On the Ropes, and Brett’s new film Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. Bristling with energy and supercharged with a passion for film, Brett and Trevor are guaranteed to get you fired up about the endless possibilities of documentary film.