Book Reviews

A review of 'A Critical Cinema 4: Interviews with Independent Filmmakers.'
A review of Betsy A. McLane's 'A New History of Documentary Film, Second Edition.'
A review of 'Risky Business: Financing & Distributing Independent Films'
A review of 'D.A. Pennebaker,' by Keith Beattie.
A review of Alan Rosenthal's 'Succeeding as a Documentary Filmmaker: A Guide to the Professional World'
A review of Patricia Aufderheide and Peter Jasci's 'Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright'
Recording Reality, Desiring the RealBy Elizabeth CowieMinneapolis: Visible Evidence, University of Minnesota Press$25, Paper, 217 pps.ISBN 978-0-8166
A review of 'The Technique of Film & Video Editing: History, Theory and Practice, 5th Edition'
A Review of John Anderson and Laura Kim's 'Wake Up Screening'