January 4, 2019
This is a fully revised look at documentary budgeting, and updates the 2006 Documentary article “Don’t Fudge on Your Budget: Toeing the Line Items.” At the center of the documentary "business" is the budget, which offers a map of the filmmaking process, expressing both the film you’re planning to make and how you plan to make it. Ideally, it is also a living document that can help get a film to completion.
June 6, 2016 @

Get any group of documentary filmmakers together and, no doubt, a big topic of conversation will be money: how to get it, how to make it, and how to keep getting and making it. Why? Because making docs is hard enough, but figuring out how to make a living making docs can be downright maddening....

January 20, 2015 @

Making a successful, long-term career in documentary filmmaking has never been more challenging than it is now. How can you generate the support you need and apply proven strategies in order to better position yourself for the long haul?

Join award-winning filmmaker Dawn...