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Full Frame Documentary Film Festival earned its reputation as the "filmmakers' festival" by becoming a showcase for powerfully intimate stories, most
It's been CAAMFest for two years now, but it's still a pleasant surprise not to have to utter its former mouthful of a name: the San Francisco
At SXSW panels, you can get the headlines of business trends that overlap techie and filmmaker interests, if you can sift through the hype, the self
South by Southwest began in 1987 as an effort by the local Austin music scene to promote itself nationally and offer a more laid-back alternative
At the annual high-tech attentional food fight that is SXSW , you could see Google Glass-wearers, a Wookie, a flock of foldup bikes, food trucks, an
When filmmaker Frank Pavich took the stage to introduce his film Jodorowsky's Dune on the opening night of the True/False Festival , he looked out at
Remember the days when the annual Realscreen Summit was an intimate little event with 500 or so of your best friends? Well, those days are long gone
Joan Churchill Honored for Outstanding Achievements in Documentary Filmmaking
Peter Wintonick, who passed away from cancer a week before the International Documentary Festival at Amsterdam (IDFA) began this year, was ever
FIDBA presents broad range of nonfiction work.