July 1, 1999
The Los Angeles-based Pan African Film & Art Festival was launched in 1992 and in a short time, thanks to the tireless efforts of executive
June 1, 1999
Cinema du Reel was founded in 1978, just about the same time as the opening of the world's premiere art museum, Centre Georges Pompidou, where the
May 1, 1999
It's about the buzz. It's about the seminars and the Internet. It's about the co-production possibilities, and the blues and Cajun food. But most of
April 1, 1999
It's a rare occasion—even in Utah—when a pimp, a porn star, a community activist, a former Vietnam POW, a Tuvan throat singer, an Internet impresario
March 1, 1999
In a country producing more than 600 feature films a year, in an incredible array of 23 languages, the Indian documentary film has always been a poor