Inside the IDA

October 1, 2000
Be it life or death, we crave only reality. -Henry David Thoreau In the wake of CBS's summertime triumphs with Survivor and Big Brother , networks
September 1, 2000
Oh, it's a long, long while From May to December And the days grow short When your reach September. -Maxwell Anderson Well, readers, it's time to
July 1, 2000
Calling out around the world, Are you ready for a brand new beat? Summer's here, and the time is right For dancing in the street. -William Stevenson/
June 1, 2000
These are the days when Birds come back— A very few—a Bird or two— To take a backward look. These are the days when skies resume The old—old
May 1, 2002
May, with alle tht floures and thy grene, Welcome be thou, faiere, fresshee May. -Geolfrey Chaucer And May could not have come any sooner for the
April 1, 2000
Happy Spring! IDA closed out the winter with its annual toast to the Academy Award nominees—a most admirable and relatively controversy free slate of
March 1, 2000
OUTTAKES Let's go to press! The IDA crew returned from the far-flung wilds of the globe, having wisely skipped the tepid Millennium celebration here
January 1, 2000
Dear IDA, I want to thank you for selecting Just a Wedding to participate in the DOCtober Festival. The film is newly released, as you know, so I was