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Interactive Docs

In Life Underground , an ambitious interactive web documentary that received an IDA Documentary Award nomination for Best Short Form Series, filmmaker
Following a brief test run in the 1990s, virtual reality has rapidly taken hold over the past few years as a potent tool for exploring the
Amalgam , combination , composite and compound are synonyms for hybrid . The identification of something by classification is as a way of
In the realm of documentary, the Internet as an alternative method of distribution has been used primarily to present and market completed
November 3, 1995: Leona's Sister Gerri filmmaker Jane Gillooly's documentary, airs. Millions of PBS viewers who watch the P.O.V. special program are
After forming its New Technologies Council in 1994, Women in Film held a series of seminars in Los Angeles to showcase some of the opportunities for
New technologies such as digital imaging, interactive movies and television, TV on demand, interactive kiosks, virtual reality, CD-ROM, and CD-I are