January 1, 1999
Known widely as the creator and executive producer of Eyes on the Prize , Henry Hampton was serving as Director of Broadcasting and Information, for
January 1, 1999
It's Sunday afternoon at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival, and the week-long events are drawing to a close. Usually, this is the time
November 1, 1998
Jerome Liebling was a teacher of photography when there were few. He founded the photography program at the University of Minnesota in 1949 and the
June 1, 1997
Her new film is a shattering reflection on the fragile myths of security and safety, instilled in children during the late '50s, to be permanently
September 1, 1996
There is a powerful scene near the end of Frederick Wiseman's new film on France's 330-year-old Comedie­ Française that the audience has been waiting