TV Docs

Barbara Kopple's 'The House of Steinbrenner' premieres September 21 on ESPN's '30 for 30' series.
'Middletown,' the six-film series that aired on PBS in 1982, comes out on DVD September 21 through Icarus Films.
Was IDA Career Achievement Award Honoree in 1988
Nat Geo Wild presents natural history on a worldwide, yet intimate scale.
Conventional wisdom leads most filmmakers to tour the festival circuit for a year and then, once they secure distribution, open commercially, with the
The American Heritage Dictionary defines "documentary" as "A work, such as a film or television program, presenting political, social or historical
Twenty years after launching The Real World, MTV hopes to reinvent Reality TV all over again with The Buried Life, a new nonfiction series that
The idea of television as the drug of the nation is a tried and true one in the US, but the metaphor goes way beyond reality in the Italy depicted in
The most popular words spoken at the 12th annual Realscreen Summit in Washington, DC, last week were not "snowstorm," "The Cove," or even "the Oprah
For Love of Liberty: The Story of America's Black Patriots premieres on PBS stations in February in commemoration of Black History Month in the United