The International Documentary Association (IDA) supports the vital work of documentary storytellers and champions a thriving and inclusive documentary culture.

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The IDA Summer 2022 Issue cover features a blue background photo with shadows of a crowd of humans turned their backs to us watching a screen in front of them that has an image of a person who appears to be a woman with short hair but not very visible.

Summer 2022

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Our Summer 2022 issue looks out. Away from the centers we focus our attentions on and pile power onto. The issue, as it travels across the country and beyond, is not an attempt at studying margins but an exercise in deconstructing our centers, expanding them and beginning to listen beyond our echo chambers.

IDA-Supported Doc of the Week

A black and white photo of a large group of middle-aged and older partygoers with "tiki" style clothing, a man in the center holds out his arms wide.
Directed by
Alex Lamb, Max Well

This week’s Doc of the Week examines the extraordinary life of Donn Beach, often called the Godfather of Tiki. Beach spent years embellishing the details of his life, but with the help of friends, historians and resurfaced audio recordings, this film attempts to separate fact from exaggeration, and explore the legacy he left behind.