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Tell the FCC to Vote 'Yes' on an Open Internet

By KJ Relth

Recently, net neutrality has been front and center in an ongoing fight over free and open access to information online. Over the past year, more than 4 million Americans called on Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to make sure Internet service providers would not throttle the Internet for their own profitable gain or establish fast and slow lanes. And the IDA filed two comments with the FCC urging it to adopt a strong net neutrality rule, continuing work we started in 2010 on this issue.

Last week, Wheeler proved that he was listening with a new proposal that promises just that: to protect an open Internet that treats traffic equally—whether it comes from a fledgling independent film site or behemoths like YouTube.

The rule will prohibit ISPs from engaging in throttling, blocking, and most importantly, paid prioritization—also known as a “fast lane” for those who can afford it and a slow lane for everyone else.

This is terrific news for documentary filmmakers. Chairman Wheeler’s proposal will create the strongest foundation yet for an open Internet, keeping the door open for innovative new services and allowing a range of disparate voices to flourish online.

But cable and telecom companies still have a chance to block his proposal. It’s up to everyone, but especially those in the documentary community, to defend the rights and freedoms of artists, activists and journalists to access information easily and consistently online.

Please sign the petition that will Tell Congress: Let the FCC do its job! The petition has already been signed by over 23,000 participants, and allows you the chance to have your voice heard by your local representative.

Better yet, take two minutes to call your representatives in Congress. Tell them to let the FCC do its job and to support net neutrality. Call your representatives today

Let’s prove to the FCC that there is a need for a free and open Internet for all. Sign the petition today or call your representatives.