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Fast Foreword: The Editor's Column, Summer 2021

By Tom White

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Dear Readers,

Just as we thought it was safe to reflect on, process and move forward from the maelstrom that was 2020, the Delta variant—a faint whisper when I was assigning articles for this issue, now a thunderous roar as we go to press—is throttling our momentum, if not our resolve. Nonetheless, we persist, in a beyond-2020 world, applying the lessons we learned from the deep dive we all took—as a business, as a community and as an organization—to redefine our core values and reengage with a renewed vigor. 

Given the ingenuity that festivals, distributors and exhibitors exuded in reimagining their respective delivery systems, I sought to poll the field about what worked well enough to continue in a hybrid form. Addie Morfoot reached out to some of the leading festival mavens to get their take on the silver linings, as well as the limitations. In the Euro-Nordic region, broadcasters, funders, and distributors are mulling over the impact of VOD—an obvious necessity during the pandemic—on other delivery platforms. Lauren Wissot reports on a session from CPH:DOX about new paradigms going forward. And what about independent filmmakers who have been in it for the long haul and who have a significant canon to maintain? How do you shake that long tail? Mark Kitchell, a 30-year veteran, discusses his strategies in polishing up his work, identifying a range of platforms for it, and defining and reaching his core audience.

Closer to home, we at IDA are sequeing into our next chapter. Jina Chung, our Senior Director, Development & Partnerships, offers a vision for values-based fundraising as a means to build on the work she already started to support the grassroots community. Former Executive Director Simon Kilmurry, who made a tremendous impact in positioning IDA as a field leader and a field builder, passed the mantle on to Rick Pérez to sustain the momentum. I speak to Pérez about his goals for a more international IDA.

Yours in actuality,

Tom White