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An American Ballet Story

Leslie Streit
Leslie Streit, Robin McCain

Our film takes us backstage with the amazing Harkness Ballet that sent more trained dancers out into the world of professional Ballet than any other company of its time. Decades later these dancers continue to influence the world of Ballet as directors, teachers, and choreographers. Under the leadership of Rebekkah Harkness, an interesting and controversial patron, the Harkness Ballet revolutionized the way Ballet was taught and performed forever.

What made the Harkness Ballet so special and what is its legacy? What was its effect on the burgeoning American art scene – not only in dance but the visual arts, theater and music? Names like Salvador Dali, well known figures from the world of Broadway and even the world of politics will make an appearance in the film.

The company lasted a brief 10 years and the Harkness School 10 years more. But it produced 2 touring companies, a theater, a world renowned training center and scores of major stars. Yet it is barely mentioned in the history books. What is the mystery behind its rise and fall?

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