Sponsored Project

A DocumenTree

Michael Angelo
Keirda Bahruth, Brooke Mueller

As technology addiction and polarizing politics pull us further away from our connection to the earth and each other, one man’s mission brings hope to the world in the form of a 10 foot walking talking tree. Flowing through the millions of Venice Beach boardwalk visitors each year dressed in his 10 foot surreal tree persona Treeman is more spiritual missionary than street performer. He does not expect money from his admirers but instead encourages us to "connect with our human nature and our nature surroundings". His life is a social experiment volunteering his time with the public and at events for social change in turn surviving thanks to the kindness of others who feed and house him. As the homeless population in America grows at an exponential rate receiving international attention Lionel's story brings a new face to homelessness, social activism and reminds us of our intrinsic relationship to the earth and each other.

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