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The Age of Consequences

  • Jared P. Scott, Director/Producer
  • Sophie Robinson, Producer
  • Kelly Nyks, Producer

Logo of 'Age of Consequence' in black and white.

About the Project

"It is not possible to discuss the future of national and international security without addressing climate change... Food shortages, droughts, floods—all directly tied to climate change will be catalysts for conflict."
- U.S. Air Force Gen. Donald Hoffman (ret)

A profoundly altered planet; food shortages, water shortages, mass migrations, unrest, competition – war.
The Hurt Locker meets An Inconvenient Truth, THE AGE OF CONSEQUENCES takes a terrifying look at the climate change and conflict nexus through the lens of US national security and global instability.

Unflinching and eye-opening - the real-life harrowing of a Michael Bay film – a veritable who's who of experts in defense and security, Pentagon officials, Navy commanders, Army generals; all warning us that climate change is 'a catalyst for conflict' and a 'threat multiplier' as it exacerbates instability in the world’s most dangerous areas.

The film takes us to the frontlines of hot zones around the world, with firsthand accounts of people living in stress points—places on the edge of survival where droughts, floods, resource pressures and extreme weather have already uprooted communities and created humanitarian crises; regions where the tinder is dry to spark destructive armed conflict.

The scientific community has reached broad consensus on climate change - we know how it came about and how it is likely to develop - but its social consequences and how we will deal with them as a society have lagged behind.

THE AGE OF CONSEQUENCES explores how climate change became inexorably linked to our national security and how the relationship between climate disruption and conflict will be the predominant force shaping the social, political, and economic world of the 21st century.