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Alice Ramsey: Women Who Drove the Century

  • Bengt Anderson, Director/Producer
  • Michelle Manning, Producer
  • Sarah E. Baker, Producer

About the Project

In 1909, Alice Huyler Ramsey became the first woman to attempt a cross-country drive. Leaving from New York City in a 1909 Maxwell DA, she and her three female passengers would travel 3600 miles over 152 miles of paved roadways and finish in San Francisco, California 41 days later. Ramsey, at 22 years old, became the first woman to make the drive and was later named "Woman Motorist of the Century" by the Automobile Hall of Fame. Now, 100 years later, one young woman is about to embark on an adventure to recreate this historic feat in the same vintage car, over the same route, but across a vastly different America. In this landmark road trip documentary, Director Bengt Anderson chronicles his sister, Emily, as she braves the daily challenges as she attempts to make the drive just as Ramsey did, with few modern technological conveniences.