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ALIEN: The story of America's high-skilled, legal immigrants.

Vidyut Latay
Vidyut Latay

ALIEN: The story of America’s high-skilled, legal immigrants is a character driven documentary about high-skilled, legal immigrants in the US, who are living on a merry-go-round of various visas to stay in the country. These immigrants who are simply striving for the American dream are forced to deal with a cultural xenophobia played out within the United States’ stringent, stifling immigration policies.The film follows 6-7 talented, highly educated legal immigrants on visas like H1B (Work permit), F1 (International student), L1 (Business visa), O1 (Extraordinary ability) from India, China and Europe, including the filmmaker, Vidyut Latay and her husband Ram Iyer. The film follows these characters as they experience and share their deep-rooted anxieties and frustrations in their pursuit to keep their dreams alive as entrepreneurs and innovators. Particularly highlighted among the subjects will be the dependent visa holders (mostly wives) living on H4 (“dependent”) visas who are deprived of the basic right of earning their own livelihood, getting a Social Security Number, opening bank accounts and in some states even obtaining a driver’s license. Studies have shown that H4 visa spouses are highly vulnerable to domestic abuse because of their immigrant status.

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