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Amá: Outreach programme

Lorna Tucker
Christopher Hird

Amá tells an important and untold story - the abuses committed against Native American women by the American state in the middle of the twentieth century: separated from their families and sent to boarding schools, forced resettlement away from their traditional lands and involuntary sterilization. The result of nine years painstaking and sensitive work by filmmaker Lorna Tucker, the film features the testimony of many Native Americans as well as a revealing and rare interview with Dr Reimart Ravenholt, whose population control ideas were the framework for some of the policies directed at Native American women.  

The film’s premiere is at the Global Health Film Festival in London in December  2018.  Funds are being raised for a program of screenings of the film in the USA, in support of the campaign of Charon Asetoyer  - one of the Native American women featured in the film – to get an official apology from the American government.

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