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Mohamed Siam
Myriam Sassine, Mohamed Siam, Arnaud Dommerc, Sara Bökemeyer, Patricia Drati
A teenager sitting in the middle of a soccer field.

Adolescence in the time of post-revolution Egypt that’s shifting around an angry teenager who’s’ turning from an infant into a young woman during an extraordinary context of upheaval and violence.

A coming of age story filming Amal over more than 4 years from the age of 14 -19, this observational self-discovery journey follows one girl's exploration and search for her own place, identity and sexuality in a male-dominant society within a constantly changing country as she transitions from childhood into adulthood witnessing what does it take to grow up as a young female within a police state in a post-revolution era, and how little choices a young woman in the Arab world might have to shape her future herself.