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American History Spree

  • Maiken Baird, Producer
  • J.R. Heffelfinger, Producer
  • Cameron Casey, Producer


About the Project

As the nation experiences the deadliest era of massacres we’ve ever seen, the mystery surrounding them looms larger than ever. How does the US compare to the rest of the world? How might we better understand these crimes? How might we better prevent these crimes in the future?

Combining Bowling for Columbine’s dive into the psyche of American violence with the historical context of The 13th — American History Spree takes us on a spiritual journey through the past, present, and future of the mass murder phenomena. It is a poignant meditation on violence, trauma, and healing, told in an unconventional, genre-bending style that aims to shift the paradigm of how our society views and talks about violence in the United States.

Guiding us along this journey is our panel of experts in violence, suicide, psychology, law enforcement, trauma, and grief recovery who shed light on the complex factors that inhibit our ability to understand these heinous crimes. Their insights mesh with conversations amongst communities impacted by spree killing: relatives, neighbors, friends, students & lawmakers; and perhaps most challenging and vital, 1-on-1 interviews with spree killers themselves.

As we make our way toward the present and future, our panel of experts helps us dissect our confusion and the trauma surrounding these attacks, and though we won’t ‘solve’ spree killing, ultimately we find numerous ways to lead a less violent future.