Sponsored Project

American Tears

George Lerner
Julie Bridgham, Patricia Benabe

Untitled Rio Grande Valley project documents the transformation of a Texas border community rocked by an intensifying set of policies to curtail immigrant rights. This character-driven feature documentary follows two families in the Rio Grande Valley, watching them confront an anti-immigrant wave and the unprecedented militarization of the border, to fight for their civil rights, and to call on America to fulfill its promise of equal justice under the law.

We meet an aspiring opera singer, Orlie Diaz Ramirez, whose dreams of a life in music are constrained by his status as a DACA recipient along the border. We watch community activist Lupita Sanchez, strive to get out the vote in one of the poorest regions in the United States, even as her own mother faces deportation.

Through these personal stories, we observe the rise of a new civil rights movement, as residents of the border call out for the rights granted under the U.S. constitution, and proclaim their faith in the American dream.