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Anna May Wong ~ Frosted Yellow Willows: The Woman and Her Journey

  • Elaine Mae Woo, Director
  • Kathy Mazza, Producer
  • Elaine Mae Woo, Producer

About the Project

The Chinese American actress, Anna May Wong (1905-1961) was the first Asian American woman to achieve Hollywood and international stardom. This biographical documentary film provides insight into this pioneering and passionate woman. When obstacles such as The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882-1943), the Miscegenation Laws, and being a woman of color closed many doors of opportunity she found ways to open a few of them. This is the journey of Anna May Wong's life as seen through her eyes. The documentary includes her professional as well as her personal accomplishments, her family and traditional commitments and the people and places that crossed her path. Interviews with family members, childhood friends, people she worked with and men that Anna dated help to reveal a unique side of this fascinating woman. Never before seen intimate & personal photos and film footage are an added treat to her many fans and to early film historians. The film shows the personal values that she believed in and the people that she loved along the way. This is what "ANNA MAY WONG ~ FROSTED YELLOW WILLOWS: THE WOMAN AND HER JOURNEY" is about.