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APACHE BLUES: Welcome Home

  • Dave Merlino & Dustin Sweet, Director
  • Jack Faris, Producer
  • Dave Merlino & Dustin Sweet, Producer

Two soldiers are posing in front of a broken helicopter.

About the Project

APACHE BLUES: Welcome Home is the journey of two filmmakers, born after the conflict in Vietnam, who are searching for the “truth” between what they have learned in school and from media versus what is reality for the veterans tasked with fighting this unpopular war.

It is no secret that Vietnam veterans did not return from the war to a hero’s welcome. As the symbols of this unpopular war, they were spit on, called names and, in some cases, were completely unemployable. Nearly fifty years later, those wounds still have not healed.

We are journeying across the country to meet with the men of Apache Troop to give them the chance to tell their stories; stories of courage and bravery that they have never been able to tell.

The warriors are not the war.