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Be Here Always: Adventures of an American Yogi

  • Steven Newmark, Director
  • Zoe Harber, Producer

About the Project

This is a story of Maharaj-ji, a miraculous holy man who lived in India and became famous in the seventies classic Be Here Now, by Ram Dass. It is also the journey of a young man trying to walk the spiritual path while living in the West. His journey takes us from the summer of love to Ram Dass and, finally on an adventurous odyssey through ancient India. After encountering many obstacles, Steven has a mind-altering experience and is given the task of making a movie about Maharaj-ji. Many years later, he takes a group of skeptics to India to make a movie he doesn't know how to make.

We feel the West needs to benefit from the ancient wisdom traditions of India. While Buddhism is becoming increasingly popular in the west, little is understood about the incredible wisdom of the Santana Dharma (alsoknown as Hinduism). Our desire is to share this wisdom in a manner that is accessible to a western audience. We also feel that there are many misconceptions about India, her people and her religious traditions. We wish clarify these misunderstanding and offer a clear headed view of one of the most largest, most powerful and least understood countries in the world.Featuring interviews with Ram Dass, Krishna Dass, Jai Uttal, as well as many advanced yogisfrom India. A musical score including music by Krishna Das and Jai Uttal in addition to thrilling footage of India.