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A Better Way: James Lawson, Architect of Nonviolence

  • Karen Hayes, Director/Producer
  • Pamela Tom, Producer

Reverend James Lawson sits and speaks next to Martin Luther King Jr.

About the Project

This authorized documentary feature will provide a fresh lens on the inner workings of the Nonviolence Movement of America through the untold story of Rev. James Lawson, the man Martin Luther King, Jr. called, 'the leading theorist and strategist of nonviolence in the world.” Intimate verité scenes and interviews with Rev. Lawson and activists he mentored from the 1950s through to today will illuminate his impact as he addressed "US cultures of violence, racism, sexism, and Plantation Capitalism.” Rev. Lawson is one of the Movement’s last remaining leaders and his story provides evidence that nonviolent direct action is effective, and offers untapped strategies for future justice movement-building.