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  • Justin Frimmer, Director/Producer

About the Project

“In the Blood” is a feature-length documentary film about boxing from the inside out- a prequel to the sequel. At the heart of the film is the story, both inside and outside the ring, of 16-year-old twin brothers in their last year in the tough ranks of amateur boxing where kids are raised to be world championship fighters. It is a film about boxers becoming boxers and the ritual of boys becoming men in the most unforgiving of sports. The backdrop of their journey is the intense culture of the American boxing capital of Los Angeles where there are more boxers than anywhere else in the country and where Latino immigrants are surging to critical mass. From the memories of the first time the boxers walked into a gym, to their daily training regimens, to their supportive families, to the demands of their coaches, to the trials and dangers of the sport, to their fight-by-fight wins and losses, the camera will follow the boxers’ journeys as they prepare for an Olympic bid and a life in the sport.