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The Bomb With No Name

  • Enver Samuel, Director
  • Adebowale Ajibulu, Producer
  • Rose Sebata, Producer

An image of grenades with the text Bomb With No Name on top

About the Project

THE BOMB WITH NO NAME is about gullibility, about how unprotected we are when things go wrong. Especially when it comes to bombs. We rely on formal bodies to be there for us - but often they’re not, as this film proves. Taking advantage of this openness, on the 25th of April 1994, a day before the first multi-racial election that resulted in the first elected Black president of South Africa, several large bombs exploded in many black townships across the nation's capital city, killing 12, and injuring over 150.

Now thirty years after, the perpetrators have since locked themselves away, putting the nation under pressure not the talk about the dreadful incidents. They operate confidently under the notion that the system is corrupt and that they’re likely to get away with their gameplay, causing more havoc. The film attempts not only to chase them down but also to seek justice for the victims who are residents of these black townships. Although after the incident, the legal processes have taken place, largely through the Truth & Reconciliation hearings, the victims to this day have not been vindicated, and many families of those who had died as a result of the bombing to date still lived in fear and have no voice.