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Brannu: The Urban Horseman

  • Adelin Gasana, Director
  • Julia Griggs, Producer

A man wearing a wide brim hat and a shearling jacket stands next to a brown horse in front of the Fulton County Courthouse

About the Project

This is a coming-of-age story shines light on the power of dreams where a young black man realizes his full potential in the crux of unchartered territory in 21st century America. A man seeking a second shot at something bigger and better than himself. Brannu is uninterested in a safe, domestic life of predictable urban dreams. He’s not seeking fame or notoriety. He’s out in wild nature proving his mental stamina daily in the face of disastrous odds. And in that pursuit Brannu comes to terms with the concept of freedom. In this adventure story the legal bounds of what land, freedom, and property mean in a southern state will take fold. Cameras will capture the nuance of his daily life and the routine of combatting his own version of the American Dream.