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The Caravan

Margot McMaster
Margot McMaster, Carolyn McMaster

At the heart of this documentary is the connection between horse and man – and by extension nature and humanity. From prehistoric times to the modern era, the horse has played an invaluable role in the advancement of mankind but has become redundant in modern society. The Caravan is a theatrical length documentary that explores this relationship by following a group of travelers on a five and a half month horse driven journey across America. For those who are mobility challenged they are our legs. For boys and girls from a small mid-west town they are gentle giants. For participants of The Caravan they are the means to fulfillment of a lifetime dream or the start of a journey towards healing. As for the horse, we feel their presence, their majesty their willingness. This primal connection is in all of us, we just need to grasp hold. And if by doing this we are able to ground ourselves, reconnect with nature, perhaps our understanding of each other and the busy and complex world around us would be made all that more clear.

The Caravan has completed its initial festival circuit run and has successfully garnered a great number of awards worldwide including “Best of Festival” - Equus Film Festival in NYC and "Grand Prize of the Jury” - Amsterdam International Festival. Now we are transitioning into securing distribution worldwide. Please support the film and help us connect to an audience who dare to dream.