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Dreaming in Somali

Betsy Kalin
Betsy Kalin, Stefanie Chambers

Dreaming in Somali, is a timely exploration of how racism, Islamophobia, fear of terrorism, police violence, and political fractures currently impact Somali-Americans in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The documentary follows the Somali-American experience through the eyes of four residents of the Twin Cities – a police officer, a state representative, a union leader, and an imam and teacher.

With roughly 60,000 Somalis in a population of 700,000, Somalis have made a place for themselves in this progressive Midwestern state. Somali refugees started arriving in Minnesota in the early 1990s and have developed into the largest Somali community in the U.S. What makes the Twin Cities remarkable is that Somalis have excelled in ways not seen in other areas of the country with Somali populations. Political leaders and bureaucrats from cities across the U.S., Sweden, and Canada have visited the Twin Cities to learn about the “Minnesota Miracle” as it relates to Somali integration.

Dreaming in Somali explores how racist attacks, discriminatory policies, and anti-Muslim hatred place all Somalis in this model community at risk. What does the recent violence in the Twin Cities mean for Somalis and other Muslim immigrant populations in less integrated communities in the U.S.?

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