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David Delaney Mayer
Andrew Leon Hanna, David Delaney Mayer, Caro Arias, Matthew Brondoli

"”[T]he ultimate aspiration is that DreamxAmerica . . . both supports immigrant-led small businesses across the U.S. and acts as a heartfelt reminder of our country’s common values of dignity, opportunity & innovation.” - Forbes

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DreamxAmerica is a documentary series that tells intimate, dignity-filled stories of inspiring immigrant entrepreneurs building small businesses – and close-knit communities – in towns and cities across the nation.

Premiering in 2020 -- read more about DreamxAmerica in Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/samuelgarcia/2019/03/11/dreamxamerica-striv...

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"[W]hat I hope is for the next generation to see my story and see their reflection. They'll no longer feel portrayed as victims or villains, but as fashion designers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and any other title they'll like to become." - Caro, CEO of Descalza | Born in El Salvador | Ep 101

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