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El Beisbol: The Story of Latinos in Baseball

  • A.P. Gonzalez, Director/Producer

About the Project

El Béisbol is a two-hour documentary that takes an in-depth look at Latinos and Baseball. We'll explore how and when the game was introduced in the Caribbean and Latin America; and we'll emphasize the struggles, phenomenal growth, global controversy and eventual success of Latinos in the game. Baseball is the quintessential North American game, so why are approximately 30% of today's Major League players Latino? We'll give viewers a first-hand look at this phenomenon by following past and present stars, interviewing prominent managers, coaches and scouts along the way. While there have been documentaries on various aspects of Latinos in baseball, no documentary has delivered a complete story or been able to provide an intimate look at the extraordinary lives of these players. In short, El Béisbol is a documentary about overcoming great odds and about remarkable individuals who are cultural icons and heroes to millions of ardent fans.